Best Table Saws for Small Shop 2022 – Reviews


The table saw has its own peculiarities and uniqueness. If you deal majorly with woodworks, especially flat types that require clean cuts, the table saw might offer such convenience for you. Whether you are a first-time table saw shopper or you a replacing a faulty one, it is necessary to know what best table saws … Read more

How to Cut Plywood on Table Saw


Table saw is typically used to cut through 2x4s and other wood materials. You can also use it to cut plywood, but there are specific safety precautions you should take when cutting this material. If you want to learn how to safely and correctly cut plywood on a table saw, then read the rest of … Read more

How to Clean Table Saw Top


If you are a woodworker or have ever tried to cut anything with your table saw, then you know that it can be very difficult to keep the surface clean.  The blade leaves behind tiny pieces of metal and slivers of wood which quickly accumulate into an unsightly mess.  I’ve found that there are many … Read more