How to Use Wet Tile Saw to Cut Ceramic Tile

cutting-ceramic-tile A wet saw is a powerful tool that can be used to cut ceramic tile. It is important that you use the right blade for your wet saw as not all blades are designed for both ceramic tile and porcelain tile applications. Wet tile saws use a circular blade and water to provide a cutting surface that is often smoother than the product being cut. If you’re looking for an efficient way to cut your ceramic tiles, then this guide will show you how it’s done!

If you already have a wet tile saw in your shop or plan on purchasing one soon, this article will provide step-by-step instructions on how to cut ceramic tile using that piece of equipment.


Steps to Cut Ceramic Tile With a Wet Tile Saw

Step 1

Read the instructions and understand the process of using a tile saw to cut tiles. This instruction should include information about securing the tile, how to position it on the cutting table and make measurements as well as what other tasks may be necessary like using a guide strip (if available) and adjusting water levels for your specific machine model.

Step 2

The next step is to secure the tile to the saw table. Usually, a securing mechanism for a tile saw is a heavy-duty metal clamp that will hold firmly in place while you are cutting.

Step 3

Be sure to have your water reservoir filled with water and adjusted correctly before beginning to cut the tile. If you need more time, use it wisely by adjusting any needed parts or tools. This allows enough time for the water coming out of your blade to be at the desired temperature before making contact with your material.

Step 4

Place the tile you decided on inside of either edge holder slot. You will want to make sure that once it is in there, it won’t come loose when you start making cuts across it. Once satisfied raise up each end until you can see the blade and lower it down until it makes contact with the tile.

Step 5

Place one hand on the tile that is being held in place by the blade and your other hand on the arm that raises and lowers to control how much pressure is applied to cut through it. Make sure both arms are fully raised so there is no chance of injury. Move the tile back and forth, applying enough pressure for it to cut cleanly without too much effort from you.

Step 6

It may be necessary to turn off the machine after every 5 minutes of use for cooling purposes. Turn off and let sit for another 5 minutes before continuing work. Take this time to assess your progress so far. Continue this process until all of your tiles have been cut out by working in small sections at a time (<1 foot). The more frequently you allow the saw blade to cool down, the less frequently you will have to stop mid-cut.

Step 7

After you cut a tile out, sand down the edges with sandpaper so there is no sharp or jagged edge. Continue this process until all of your tiles have been cut out and sanded.

Why Should You Use a Wet Tile Saw to Cut Ceramic Tile?

When you are working with tile in the kitchen or in the bathroom, one of your main goals is probably to create a uniform field. Uniform tiles mean that there are no grout lines or joints between tiles to distract from the beauty of the tile itself. While this may seem like an easy task, cutting ceramic tile can be much more difficult than it sounds. Conventional methods for cutting ceramic tile include using hammers and chisels, saws, angle grinders, or hand-held scoring tools. Using any of these types of tools usually results in very poor cuts that do not line up well with adjacent tiles, leaving spaces where grout needs to be filled.

The preferred method for cutting ceramic tile is using a wet tile saw. These saws do an outstanding job of providing clean cuts on the tile. The pros of using wet tile saws to cut ceramic tile are many including smooth cuts, reduced dust, tight tolerances, and accuracy. A wet tile saw is comprised of a circular blade that spins at high speed to cut through the ceramic tile. Water is continuously sprayed over the cutting area to keep the surface cool and help remove debris before it can damage the blade or reduce its effectiveness.

A typical wet tile saw has several options for cutting angles, straight cuts as well as curves. These features allow you to make your best possible cuts every time!

What Type of Wet Tile Saw is The Best To Cut Ceramic Tile?

The best type of wet tile saw to cut ceramic tile is a 12-inch wet tile saw. 12-inch wet tile saws are the most popular size due to their weight, mobility, and precision. Thinner blades can reach further into cuts than smaller blade models which may cost less but will also take more time to complete a project. The overall result of using these small sizes is both expensive in the long run as well as tiring on your arms.

A 12-inch wet tile saw machine is an investment not only for its superior cutting abilities but also because it will cut through any standard-sized ceramic tiles you come across on job sites or at home projects without having to purchase extra blades specifically for specialty products.


Wet saw is a powerful tool that can cut through hard materials like ceramic tile. It’s important to know how to use the machine properly and safely for maximum efficiency and safety, which I hope this article has helped you understand. Now it’s time for you to put your new knowledge into practice!

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